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Golfing - How to Choose a Driver

Six steps to choosing the right driver

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6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Driver

Choosing the driver that is right for you can be an expensive process if you don't get it right the first, or sometimes even the second and third times. The following are 10 steps to help you ensure that you get the right golf driver, the first time!

Step 1 - Ask a pro

Ask a professional golfer? You bet. Many golf courses and stores are staffed with a pro whose primary purpose is to help people like you become a better golfer. Run down to your local pro shop, talk to the pro, and he or she will most likely not only give you tips on the best drivers available, but give you some feedback on your swing and tips on golf strategy. No need to buy the club yet! Your just getting started.

Step 2 - Choose the right club head

Now that you have a little direction from your local pro, you must decide on the club head size. For simplicity, we lets divide the club head sizes ingto small, medium, or large.

A small club head will be lighter and allow for more control of your swing. Keep in mind, you may be sacrificing distance for control. Additionally, a small club head has a smaller sweet spot so there is less margin for error.

Large club heads have larger sweet spot as well as more mass to help create momentum and distance in your swing. A larger club face can is also much more forgiving on a mishit. A mid size club head is the compromise between the two. The size you choose will dependent upon your needs - do you need more control, or are you looking for distance?

There are different materials available for the club heads, primarily stainless steel and titanium. Titanium allows you to have a larger head with the same amount of weight. Stainless steel is cheaper. Ultimately, however, the material to choose simply depends on which one feels the best to you.

Step 3 - Choose the right shaft

When you choose your new driver, the type of shaft is just as important as the driver head. Different materials provide different flex. Flex is the amount of "bend" in a shaft. Basically, the slower the swing you have, the more flex you need to create the right impact speed. If you have a fast swing, you will need a stiffer club shaft.

Step 4 - Choose the right loft

Loft is the measure of the angle of the club head. The greater the loft, the greater the angle on the face of the head and the more control but less distance. Slower swings need more loft. Faster swings need less loft.

Step 5 - Choose the right length

You will need to choose the right length shaft to ensure you have proper positioning on the ball during your swing. Additionally, a longer club may give your more distance, but may give you less control.

Step 6 - Get professionally fitted

Now that you have considered the many options that you have for working toward that perfect drive, get back in the car and go back to golf pro shop. A good shop with a good pro will be able to evaluate everything about your swing and help you choose the right clubs for you. Your about to spend good money on a good club, so why not spend a little more and make sure that you get the right one?

How to Choose a Driver | Golf Drivers | Golf Clubs | Fairway Woods | Nike SasQuatch Sumo Driver

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